Our Team

We are a team of passionate tech visionaries, eager to challenge the impossible.


Headshot of Dr. Joshua Penn
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Joshua Penn, MD, FACC

Founder and president of the iCardio Corporation, a mobile medical diagnostics platform for cardiovascular imaging
Headshot of Joseph Sokol
CEO & Founder

Joseph Sokol

Joseph is the leading visionary and technologist of iCardio.ai. Joseph leads algorithmic development.
Headshot of Shmulik Shapiro
Chief Operations Officer

Shmulik Shapiro

Healthcare industry veteran


Headshot of Professor Chaim Lotan
Head of Computer Vision

Lasha Kharshiladze

Lasha leads all computer vision related development at iCardio.ai.

Headshot of Professor Chaim Lotan
Chief Systems Architect

Daniel Sokol

Aerospace veteran, machine learning, systems.

Headshot of Professor Chaim Lotan
Ultrasound Lead

Jorge Barajas

Veteran ultrasound technician and echocardiographer.


Headshot of Professor Chaim Lotan
Chief Business Advisor

David Gershov

Business advisor, operations, and financial strategist.
Headshot of Professor Chaim Lotan
Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Lawrence Baruch, MD

Professor of cardiology at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York

Headshot of Professor Chaim Lotan
Medical Advisor

Professor Chaim Lotan, MD

Director of the Heart Institute of Hadassah-Hebrew University.





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